Hopedale Baptist Church

Family Ministry

Hopedale Family Ministry encourages and supports families by offering organized activities and meaningful classes that promote spiritual growth in the Family.

Here Together

Hopedale Family Ministry

We offer many activities and classes to Hopedale families, including:

  • Organized Group Activity Times Specifically for Couples – Game Nights, Valentine Banquets
  • Group Time for Couples at a Restaurant, Mystery Dinners, Scavenger Hunts, etc. . .
  • Outings Designed for Families- Float trips, Bowling Nights, Kids/Parents Activities
  • Parenting Seminars
  • Marriage Retreats

If you have questions, please call Eric Carter, Worship/Family Ministry Pastor, at 417-581-3836.

Helpful Links

Family Resources

We believe in families and want to resource them in any area we can.  Here are some websites to help you.

Contact us to learn more.