Hopedale Baptist Church



God has given us the privilege to worship Him as we give our tithes and offerings.  As we give we are participating in the spreading of the good news of Jesus Christ here and around the world.

Exciting Update with Online Giving

We have switched our online giving! This will make giving online easier than ever and allow for more kingdom dollars to go towards ministry! Please use the give button below to set up your gift! Thank you for faithfully sowing into God’s kingdom.

Service Offerings


You can give during any of our weekend services by using envelopes found in our pews and putting your offering in the collection plate as it is passed during our services.

Change Lives

Other Gifts

You are welcome to give other gifts such as stocks, land, cars, etc.  For more information contact our office at 417-581-3836.

When you give, you are helping to change lives both here at Hopedale and around the world.  Your donations help fund ministry, support missionaries, local ministries, plant churches, provide assistance for people in need, minister to children and youth,  and so much more.  But more than that, when we tithe we are putting our trust in God to provide for our needs and it is we who are blessed more than we can possibly imagine.