Our Story

How it all started...

Hopedale Baptist Church has been a part of the Ozark Community for many years.  Started in 1885, Hopedale was the only church in a small farming village called Hopedale.  There were just a few buildings in town but a church was missing.  Three men decided that their town needed a church so they invited a preacher who came and preached a revival service and those three men were the first three that made a decision to follow Jesus at that revival.  Those three men became the three founding members of Hopedale Baptist Church.  Little did those men know that years later the village of Hopedale would be absorbed into the growing town of Ozark and part of one of the fastest growing areas in the state of Missouri.
Hopedale is no longer out in the country but rather sits right off highway 65 in the middle of a rapidly growing, family-oriented town.  Family has always been important here at Hopedale and it continues to be our driving focus.  We believe that every member of a family plays an important part in the life and work of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord.  
At Hopedale we also believe that no matter your age you matter to God.  Our mission is to: Share the Hope of Jesus with ALL Generations!